Available Services

All services listed here may be used by all FB4-students. You're welcome to write a ticket to make a feature request for a new serivce.


We provide full-access databases which you can use for your projects.


This section contains tools that help you during a project by versioning your files. You are welcome to use this so-called repositories with your projects, given that they are an important part ot the IT world. Every new repository comes with a readme you can use as a starting-point for using the particular kind of repository software.

  • Subversion

    Subversion is a modern, easy to learn and not-so-hard to master revision control system. It is the best for beginners since its feature set is not as big as those of the other repositories and more straight forward.


  • Git

    Started by Linus Torvalds for managing the source code of the Linux kernel, Git is the currently most pupular, easy to learn and hard to master but very powerful revision control system. It's like Linux: Documentation is futile, you can destroy everything with just one command, but if you master it, it's amazing powerful.


  • Mercurial (Hg)

    Started at the same time like Git for the same reason, Mercurial combines the simplicity of Subversion and the power of Git and is a good choice for those who find Subversion too suffocating and Git too complex.


Project Management

In this section you'll find tools that help you managing your projects, e.g. ticket systems, wikis etc.

  • Trac

    Trac is a free project management tool based on python, which features a wiki, codebrowsing and a ticket system. It's extensible via plugins: A collection of the most useful plugins (as far as known by the admin) is installed on this server. At Trac-Hacks you can find a list of all available plugins. If you know a new cool plugin or need some with your project, feel free to write a ticket or a mail!


  • Redmine

    Redmine is a web based project management tool. It provides project planning and management, an issue tracking system, a wiki, access to repositories, news, a role system and much more. It is inspired by Trac and provides similar features, but much more out-of-the-box.

    Like Trac there is a whole bunch of plugins avaliable for Redmine in the official plugin directory. You can view available plugins and change their state in your project's settings. If you want to recommend a new plugin, feel free to write a ticket or a mail!