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Title Description
41EGIT Eclipse GIT Plugin12/16/2011s0524666donebug blocks project
112#Test1_CS07/02/2016s0557002donefeature request
72redmine_mylyn_connector12/11/2012s0531208donefeature request
47Suchfunktion für den Issue Tracker03/25/2012kreftingdonefeature request
39PostgreSQL pgcrypto installieren12/07/2011s0528080donefeature request
25SVN für Eclipse06/23/2011s0524666donefeature request
23Gantt Calendar plugin for Trac06/14/2011s0522196donefeature request
86HTTP-Methoden auf studi07/07/2014beiermdoneidea for improvement
111test12306/29/2016s0546840invalidbug blocks project
74virtueller Projektserver nicht erreichbar04/28/2013s0531297invalidbug blocks project
62Der Tomcat-Server ist down09/25/2012s0531367invalidbug blocks project
53Mylyn: RPC method "ticket.create" not found04/12/2012s0531587invalidbug blocks project
24Plugin: Agilo for Scrum Fehler06/14/2011s0522196invalidbug blocks project
64Fehler bei Fernzugriff auf charon.f4.htw-berlin.de10/17/2012s0533407invalidminor bug
65Milestones Plugin für Redmine10/19/2012s0531524invalidfeature request
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